This site is intended for those who want to go to Bali for the first time, does not know anything, did not want to buy a guide from 2 kg and seeks only basic information, knowing that at the beginning is difficult and as the days pass you unoticed.

For this reason the description is detailed at the beginning and at the end vague. It also offers a route to Bali base. I’ve been to Bali many times (I have not counted) and for a long time, the first time in 2000, in 2009 there was four months (in Jimbaran in the south) and the last in 2011 when I lived two months in Ubud. The latest update this guide is of April 2011, severely especially for the prices.

Your comments and updates are critical to the freshness and accuracy of the guide. And ‘free, if you feel a weight in my chest that does not fix, sdebitatevi leaving comments useful to others or buying one of my books online (travel course).


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