Things to do in Bali (Summary)

Maybe this article should be titled “Things you CANT do in Bali” because the things you can’t do in Bali would be a much shorter list than the things you can do! I mean let’s face it, Bali is the place to go for a holiday. So it goes without saying that when you have tourists flocking to an island paradise, provide them with EVERYTHING they want to do so they have the experience of a lifetime.

things to do in bali

Hence, you can do anything in Bali. So at a glance I will start to list my top enquiry of things to do in Bali. This list will not be exhaustive but it will provide you with some key notes. When you want to know more about how, where, when, cost etc. go online or talk a one of the plenty booking agents by the side of the street.


  • Observe traditional Balinese dancing in full costume
  • Watch woodcarvers sculpt masks, furniture and ornaments
  • Visit the many temples spread over the island and witness the stunning size and craftsmanship of the building details first hand
  • Balinese cooking classes


  • Try surfing for the first time or challenge yourself to some of the best surf breaks in the
  • world if you are more experienced
  • Swim in pure blue waters
  • Scuba dive or snorkel the plentiful coral reefs
  • Go charter boat fishing and land an exotic reef fish
  • Sunbake and be pampered on the shore by willing masseuses
  • Hire a jet ski and tour the coastline
  • Go water skiing on perfect calm waters


  • Take a guided tour through the many tropical rainforests
  • Climb the highest mountain peaks on the island and marvel at the views
  • Take in a golden sunset over the ocean at the end of the day
  • Crack a fresh coconut open and drink the milk from a straw
  • Enjoy fresh fruit straight from the orchard to you
  • Visit the Monkey Forest in the village of Ubud
  • Visit the bird and reptile park
  • Bath under a cascading waterfall
  • Meditate in the serenity of Mother Nature


  • Visit the thousands of different dining options and challenge your taste buds
  • Pick your freshly caught seafood straight off the boat for your dinner
  • Kick back at a jazz venue or dance the night away at a nightclub
  • Have your hair platted at the beach front by the local ladies
  • Indulge in a deep tissue full body massage
  • Finish off your pampering with a pedicure, manicure, facial and a spirit cleansing
  • Hit the water slides at Waterbom Park in Kuta
  • Retail therapy ? shop, shop, shop?then shop some more


  • Go bungee jumping
  • Hire a trail bike
  • Dare to ride in peak hour traffic in Denpasar on a moped
  • Go white water rafting along the Ayung River
  • Hire a go kart and challenge your friends and re-enact the fast and the furious
  • Sign up for a jet ski tour
  • Go mountain bike riding through the spectacular forest or from village to village
  • Get a tattoo! (If you dare)
  • Visit the elephant safari park and ride a pachyderm
  • Take a submarine cruise (seriously)
  • Do an island cruise and travel around the band of islands that neighbour the beauty of Bali
  • the Island of the Gods
  • Horse back riding
  • Paint ball wars
  • Harley Davidson motorcycle hire (can you feel the rollin? thunder already?)
  • Or you decide to go on the adventure of a lifetime and marry on Bali

So, that should give you a bit of an idea how you can spend your time and money on Bali. Just remember that depending on where on the island your accommodation is, it can take up to a couple of hours to get to some of these places.


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