bali gunung kawi temple

Gunung Kawi Temple

Visit one of the most fascinating temples in Bali, The Gunung Kawi Temple, Carved into a rock wall and marked by time, this monument will carry you through the ages. Gunung Kawi Temple is one of the oldest archaeological sites and remarkable Bali. Even today, this stunning edifice carved into a rock wall, beside the Pakerisan river is used as a place of Hindu worship. Built in the late eleventh century, the temple, of which only the remains, has captivated the attention of the world. It appears also in the famous documentary film Baraka without speaking.

bali gunung kawi temple

Good To Know About Gunung Kawi Temple

To get there, you will go down the many flights of stairs that lead to the river Pakerisan, past lush paddy fields, borrow a rainforest section, then cross an old stone bridge. On your right, you will see five little huts occupied by the guardians of the temple and on the west bank of the river, a small natural pool. For a small fee you can take a bath (“mandi”) or pass under the fountains.

Continue your tour through the stone door of the hermitage Geria Rauh, another temple carved into the rock and composed of different parts conducive to meditation. Away is the hermitage of the monastery, which was certainly a place where pilgrims, priests and members of the royal family gathered to rest and meditate.

The river also Pakerisan it is of religious significance, because according to Balinese Hinduism while crossing a river “candy” or sanctuary, becomes sacred. The waters of Pakerisan are very popular. Gunung Kawi temple is located 40 kilometers from Denpasar and 21 kilometers from Ubud. Bus tours are organized for visiting this site. If not, take a bemo (minibus) or rent a car. The temple is 600 meters below the parking lot and you have to go more than 300 steps to reach the river. To make the most of your visit and understand better the cultural and historical significance of the site, feel free to use the services of a local guide. Access to the temple is paying.

Located between Ubud and the Batur caldera, the charming village of Tampaksiring is known as the Presidential Palace built by Soekarno Site in 1960. From the 11th century, Tampaksiring was already the territory of a Balinese king “Anak Wungsu” owned Udayana powerful dynasty. Gunung Kawi temple was built in honor of the Governor of Bali and its related. It consists of 10 temples carved into the rock in a cliff 8 meters high; distributed on both sides of the river pakrisan. Legend has it that these sanctuaries were carved in one night by the sharp nails and agile giant Kebo Iwa.

The path to the temple offers magnificent views over the valley surrounded by terraced rice fields. Not far away are the sacred basins sources Tirta Empul built in the 10th century under the Warmadewa dynasty. According to legend, a god named Indra created a hole in the earth to bring forth a source of water that could cure the poison sent by his opponent, King Mayadenawa. Even today, Hindus believers come to Bali pools purify it and enjoy the virtues of this spring water.

source : helobali


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