Bali Tirta Empul Temple

Bali is known as the island of the gods, and even if you are the most atheistic of the earth, you will feel something special that hovers in the air of this island. For more than a thousand years, Balinese worshipers have been drawn to Tirta Empul Temple, whose said that the sacred spiring was created by Indra and to have curative properties. The tradition continues almost unchanged at the temple today.

bali tirta empul temple

Good To Know About Tirta Empul Temple

And speaking of special places, The sacred pura, Tirta Empul Temple is located in the area of ​​Ubud, north of Tampaksiring. This temple is one of the most important of Bali for the magical power attributed to the water of its tanks, from sources considered sacred, where the local people can dive goes and purify their souls. To avoid crowds of visitor you better come early in the morning to visit Tirta Empul Temple. It was not very early in reality, but as you can see from the photographs we found ourselves in this wonderful garden, pretty much alone.

To enter The Tirta Empul Temple is necessary to pay the ticket (can not remember how much, but just a symbolic figure), to have the lower part of the body covered up the foot (if you need are available at the entrance of the sarong to cover you then you’ll have to return), in addition to a whole series of measures related to the sacred place (for example, women who have a menstrual cycle in theory can not enter). Once inside, remain silent, but above all to listen to the spirituality of the place, it becomes natural.

Tirta Empul Temple is a place of peace and balance nestled in the forest, set of bright colors, and sound of sacred water flowing. His magical spirit will arrive even if you do not get wet; if you’re listening you can still dive to make contact with your soul.

If you are in that area, stop here. And ‘perhaps one of the most beautiful temples and suggestive that there is to see in Bali.

And  have you ever found magical places during your travels?


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