Ubud Monkey Forest

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General Information

Among the ancient banyan trees of this dense forest you will find peaceful streams, reservoirs, temples and especially nice macaques acrobats.

Every single aspect of the Monkey Forest Ubud, from the trees to the temples and monkeys, has a sacred meaning. The site is in fact an important place of worship for Balinese Hinduism. However, its large population of monkeys and 115 different plant species make a significant zoological and botanical research center. This place is located in the community of Padangtegal, so sometimes you will hear it also called Monkey Forest Padangtegal.

Location of Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud is about an hour and a half drive by car from Bali. Taxis are available at the airport. Any travel agent in Denpasar will also be able to get in there. If you are staying in a hotel, the management usually provides a shuttle service for a reasonable fee.

Ubud Monkey Forest Highlights

This resort is considered sacred for centuries. Pagodas, pavilions, temples and sanctuaries date back to the mid-fourteenth century, although some of the worn parts have been reintegrated in more recent times. The main temple, the Dalem Agung, is the largest structure, hosts the daily rituals and is next to the temple used during the cremation, the Prajapati. The temple is reserved for ritual ablutions in the river, almost hidden from view.

The largest population of the forest is made up of more than 600 macaques, divided into four different groups. Balinese Hinduism, which has assimilated elements of animism, Buddhism and ancestor worship, gives the monkeys a great sacredness. For this reason, do not feed them. These cute little animals know how to be very bold, so do not keep in view objects that could grab and snatch away.

You’ll also see some people who bring offerings to temples. For them, the trees have an important sacred character. For example, the leaves of the banyan are used during ceremonies cremation, while the wood husks Bandak, who embodies the spirit of the forest, is used to make ritual masks.

The Monkey Forest Ubud is open daily. The maintenance of the site is funded by the cost of the ticket; however, are welcome further offers, you can always pour the main entrance. The forest is easily accessible on foot from Ubud. Parking is free.

Get a sarong to cover your legs when you walk in places of worship; women must cover the shoulders. Access to the main temple is not permitted to those who have children under the age of four years, women with menstruation, those who are wounded or people that a relative was buried or cremated within the previous seven days.

source : helobali.com


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