tanah lot temple

Tanah Lot Temple

tanah lot temple

General Information

The Tanah Lot temple is the prime location: a rocky island in the Pacific, off the coast of southern Bali and accessible only at low tide. More precisely, we are in the north-west of Kuta and west of Denpasar. This is not a temple unknown, indeed probably is among the most popular sites on the Indonesian part of a series of well-Seven Temples built along the sea coast in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries!

who is in the south of Bali can not ignore a stop at Pura Uluwatu, a temple at the southwestern end of the Bukit peninsula overlooking the cliff! Also from this house you can enjoy a spectacular view and, those who do not suffer from vertigo and 75 meters high on the rocks lapped by the waves, will create unforgettable shots! If Tanah Lot is inhabited by sea snakes, Uluwatu is inhabited by funny monkeys: eye to all objects that could incuriosirle and turn them into skilled (and cheeky) scippatrici!

Tanah Lot Temple Hightlights

Tanah Lot is a Hindu temple (remember that the most widespread religion in Indonesia is Muslim) dedicated to the sea gods and serpents that – apparently – inhabit the cave front, should serve just to drive away evil spirits marine but not, of course, tourists and faithful! If you want to see several dozen crawling silently to Tanah Lot, you need to go here during full moon nights and if you are not fans of the genre, carefully keep an eye on the lunar calendar and lie away on those dates!

About appointments, just yesterday began a Hindu ceremony called “Melasti Festival” that will attract Hindu devotees until March 31, when the celebrations will culminate with the Nyepi, the Day of Silence. On that date, all activities will be suspended. We will observe a strict fast in a deafening silence: the whole island will become like a huge ghost town that does not spare even the tourists, please remain inside the hotel (think even the airport is closed!).

The spectacular sunsets that you have to Tanah Lot have undoubtedly increased access to the site then we recommend you, to appreciate in silence suited to a sacred environment, to visit early in the morning (although the interior can not be visited). If you can stop or go back, then you can enjoy a cocktail in one of the cafes on the coast anxiously awaiting a blazing sun that runs into! What makes it so special Tanah Lot? A legend. It appears that the construction of the temple is due to Dang Hyang Nirartha, a Hindu priest from Java in the sixteenth century, impressed by the beauty of the place. He would sleep for some time on the island and, before leaving, he advised local fishermen to erect a shrine in honor of the sea gods. The advice: even if you can not enter, is a dress code to the sacredness of the temple therefore not head to the islet with tank tops, shorts and the like!

Getting There

The airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport and is located between Kuta and Jimbaran (about thirty minutes from Denpasar). Kuta, the city where the nightlife is concentrated Balinese, you’ll have to calculate an hour poor drive. Park the car (paid, rp 5000, about 0.30 €. For those traveling by motorcycle, only 2,000 rp) and bought the entry ticket to the park of the Temple.

Price: 30,000 rp adults (about 1.90 €); Rp 15,000 children (about 0.95 €).

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