Top 7 Best Things To Do In Bali

From all of bali exciting place, we have gathered the most ‘can’t miss’ place that shows you the cultural treasure and famous landscape in the magical island of Bali. These  magnificent of choice will make your holiday unforgetable and shows you the best of Bali. There are ancient temple, panomartic natural beauty and historical sites spread across eight different area.

1. Besakih Temple 

The mother temple of Bali, Besakih Temple is located at Moung Agung, Besakih Village. Besakih temple is the bigest of all temple in Bali and the most important one because it is used to pray for Hindu religion in Bali. There are 18 separate sanctuaries which surrounded the three main temple dedicated to Shiva, Brahma and Wishnu. Read more

besakih temple bali

2. Tanjung Benoa Water Sport

Tanjung benoa has been the best water sport activitites in Bali which offer you enjoyment and excitement at the same time. With eight various option of water sport, you can experience different sensation of great challange that going to make your day. Visiting this place is really recommended especially for you who come with a group of friends or family. Read more

tanjung benoa water sport

3. Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali safari marine park is the largest anime theme park in Bali. With over 60 species of animal which freely living within their enclosure built like their habitats. You can also see animal talent show at certain time that held regularly. There is also aquariums which holding exotic fish speciements. Read more

bali safari marine park

4. Ubud Monkey Forest

In the forset on Ubud main center, there living a sacred monkey forest or well known as Ubud Monkey Forest.  It is one of Bali’s several grey long-tailed macaque-inhabited forest. Actually, Ubud Monkey Forest is a place of scientific research as well as a site of spiritual and cultural aspect by the local villagers deep within in grounds. But now it was opened for public and you can directly interact with the ‘naughty’ monkey. Read more

ubud monkey forest

5. Elephant Safari Park

Bali’s amazing elephants tour can be found at Bali Elephant Safari Park located in the village of Taro, north of Ubud. The elephant riding journey offers you an excursion through lush tropical jungel scenery in the village of Taro while listening to the calls of exotic birds and wildlife. Read more

bali elephant safari park

6. Tanah Lot Temple

The most popular and Bali’s most important landmarks, Tanah Lost Temle offers you spectacular view of sunset with beach’s panoramas. You can also see the legendarian holy tame snake in white and black color that belived become guardian of the Tanah Lot Temple. Read more

tanah lot temple

7. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple has been become onf of the ‘main card’ place in Bali, builted on the sheer of cliff with 70 meters high above sea. Uluwatu temle is used as place of worship to Rudra God by Hinduism balinese. It’s really popular among domestic and international touris because of it’s uniqe temple structure, the breathtaking view and kecak dance performance that held regularly. Read more

uluwatu temple

Source : Helobali


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